Sigma Group


The company wants to steer its activities and possible future developments in a more sustainable and compatible with the environment by keeping up to date assessment of environmental aspects related to business activities, through a thorough quality system management and security.

The constant efforts in the renewable energy sector (solar panels, biomass, biogas or bio-gas and wind energy) to search for new solutions and applications, together with the close relations of cooperation with universities (University the University of Messina) by which you are carrying out research projects directly related to eco-friendly material, oriented towards the Sigma numerous personalized services, proposals to deepen the concepts of processing and marketing of innovative eco-friendly useful to the methods of construction and assembly and for the production of energy from renewable sources.

The Sigma Group is a company certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, for the construction and maintenance of civil and industrial buildings, preparation of metal structural work through the processes of plasma cutting, welding, painting and assembly. With the ISO 14001 Sigma Group is committed to comply with the legal requirements and regulations existing in the environmental field.

In addition, the partnership with the Duferco Egreen, now allows the Sigma Group Ltd. establishing itself in the field of renewable energy.

In particular, the project that involved, photovoltaic and agriculture, lets take the opportunity to the farmer to make a building used as a warehouse, however, constituted by integrated photovoltaic system that fully replaces the waterproof cover without the use of seams or various frames the outbuilding.