Sigma Group


The Sigma Group Ltd adopts a policy aimed to consider the needs of the customer, through the correspondence of the services provided in terms of quality, timeliness, and dynamism.

The Sigma Group operates through highly qualified staff to ensure that the product required by the ever-increasing clientele beyond expectations provided.

The use of cutting edge technologies to the market offering a wide choice of services offered.

The means to achieve the goals that the company aims to address and implement programs deal with various fundamental points.

Focusing on the development of young players, trying to encourage the commitment of potential employees through the hiring of prepared, identifying resources for the 'company that aims to grow qualitatively, is one of the main objectives.

Valuing young people, must be one of the tasks of those who invest in their own territory, thus avoiding the transfer of these resources elsewhere.

For students of the various institutes of the district, also, who are preparing to enter the world of work or to a specialized university address, it is important to give them the opportunity to reach out and touch the world of work through guided tours and internships at the headquarters of San Pier Niceto (Me) so that we can reach out and touch the eventual reality of the workplace.

Through training Sigma Group closely follows the training of its personnel. The company in fact regularly organizes training courses for employees or for the staff to be qualified to enter an established company.
The seat of San Filippo del Mela (Me) has been set up a multimedia classroom, dedicated to the preparation, updating and specialization of staff.

In addition, the Region of Sicily accredited Sigma Group as headquarters and training; in the modern and well-equipped multimedia classroom of the Company, are held professional training courses taught by qualified teachers who are dedicated to the teaching of different disciplines.


In addition, the company aware of the impact of its activities on the environment want to orient its activities and possible future developments in a more sustainable and compatible with it, making every effort to improve relations with the surrounding reality and the competent authorities, keeping updated assessment of significant environmental aspects related to the business activities through a quality management system and security constantly updated.

The Sigma Group has achieved several certifications which allowed him to gain the trust of public institutions, multinational companies and even private individuals. The UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for the construction and maintenance of civil and industrial buildings, and the manufacture and installation of metallic carpentry. According to this rule is provided an organizational structure that follows the work methods meet the quality standards. The UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 refers to the quality requirements for welding construction is assembled on site and in the workshop. In line with the provisions of the Technical Standards for Construction, DM January 14, 2008, the company has applied for and obtained by the Superior Council of Public Works, Central Technical Services, the certificate of termination of the activity of the processing center for the shaping of round iron for about and as a workshop for the production of metallic carpentry.

The SOA certificate of qualification to the execution of public works, for OG1, industrial and civil buildings, III classification, and OS18, for structural components in steel or metal.

In addition, through the synergy of forces with organizations, associations and institutions of the territory the Sigma Group is increasingly sensitive to the initiatives of the territory by encouraging the development of business and promoting them through the sponsorship of various sporting and recreational events.

Our policy will therefore remain the one that has always guided us: a young and enterprising team, high quality of our services and facilities, human resources development, support for the environment and promotion of recreational and social activities of the area; All this along with a lot of passion and commitment, are for the SIGMA GROUP SRL, a winning